Dog Swimming Pool HK$50 for 45 mins

Can be free to borrow a pet-specific life jackets, swimming pool is also equipped with brow dry facilities.

Dog swimming pool will be closed after 1/10, book a session for your loved ones before it's too late!

Time Table & Rules

* Each dog can be accompanied with two owners at the pool, but owners are not allow to get into the pool, if owner would like to book the whole pool please kindly make a reservation earlier.
** Free use of pet-specific life jackets
*** Towels each $ 40, the owner can also bring their own
**** Large pool water depth of about 0.7 meters, an area of ​​6 meters x 3 meters
***** Disinfection of water by using integrated glass fiber quartz sand off the unit , safety and health
****** All dog owners must make an appointment at least 15 minutes before,

Book for the whole section (Reservation Required)

(1) HK$500 for 45 mins (1 - 8 Dog)
(2) HK$1000 for 90 mins (11 - 20 Dog)

Maximum 2 Hours

For Enquiry