Whitehead BBQ Terms and Conditions:
(Effective from 1stMarch 2015)
Please read the terms and condition before any expenses.

 “You” – Customers of Whitehead BBQ
 “Us” – Whitehead BBQ
Once if you use this website for making any reservation or expenses on arrival,

Means you already agreed and accepted with our terms and condition.

1. Reservation
All the Seaview villa set must be booked and settle the payment through our website. – Suckling Pig must pre-order 3 days before and settle the payment through our website. For special holidays all sets also must be booked and settle the payment through our website.

2. Terms of payments
After confirm the booking, you must settle all the payment and you will receive the confirmation email and verify code if successful. If the payment not yet settle through internet and not yet receive the confirmation email and verify code, the items you order will be cancel.

3. Terms of cancelation

  • Please beware of if customer would like to cancel or change booking, you must call 27448188 to inform us 72 hours before your booking date, and the date of booking only can change within 3 months, all the deposit will not be return.
  • If bad weather which not good for event (Red Rain Storm Warning signal/Black Rain Storm Warning signal/Typhoon Signal no.3 or above). Must inform us by calling 2744 8188 for date change before 12 p.m., and the date of change must within 3 months. All the deposit will not be return and can’t transfer to other bookings. If you haven’t inform us or after 12p.m. during the booking date, haven’t show up or missed the date of booking, all the deposit will not be return and will not be able to change date, and the deposit will be set as used.
  • All the date change if due to bad weather, only can be change once.
  • About the date change must be accept the terms and conditions: if the price is different after date change, all the charge will base on the highest price.

Example one: original price HK$3488, after date change HK$2790, we will base on HK$3488 to charge and the balance will not be return.
Example two: original price HK$2790, after date change HK$3488, customer have to pay for the fare different HK$698.

  • If customer haven’t show up without notice us, all the deposit will not be return and will set as used.

4. Terms of responsibility
For all the organizations/individual persons, also must buy the Third Party Liability Insurance by themselves. If any injury or death happened during the event date, Organizations/individual persons have to take all the responsibility by themselves. Whitehead Barbecue accepts no responsibility and shall not be liable for any injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, expense or other irregularity resulting from your participation in any activity

5. Privacy Clause
Personal data will be requested under the following conditions:

  • Online booking from our website
  • Survey conduction or Enquiry
  • Registration during arrival

6. Accepted and agreed with us for take photos as business promotion use.

7. No shooting or recording allowed, only if approved.
Information Usage:
Those membership information will be used for the followings:

  • To confirm member registration
  • For send out the confirmation of booking
  • Any follow up or further contact with our staff
  • Internal use for our company data base and marketing analyzing
  • Promotion and advertising

Chinese Version Prevails:
If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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