Selection of high quality BBQ ingredients to ensure fresh and delicious food

Whitehead BBQ food pickled with vegetables and fruit juice, without MSG, natural and eat assured!

Packing for Hygiene

In order to maintain BBQ food quality, Whitehead BBQ all food are packed independently, to facilitate health, to ensure that the original flavor.

Take care of Customers' Needs

Each BBQ table is equipped with One set of cutlery, with a bag of paper towels, scissors, plastic gloves, cutlery, and honey
Scissors can be used to cut the packaging, more can be used to cut food, do both!
To make the food more delicious! Condiment will be attached when you buy vegetables and seafood.

BBQ with Nets

White stone BBQ barbecue full use of their own design of stainless steel BBQ barbecue pits, external shelves can be placed honey, sauces, each barbecue pits also attached charcoal clamp, guests can add their own charcoal.
The net can be easily opened, guests can refill their own charcoal, very convenient.

BBQ with Nets

To enjoy a different way from traditional barbecue, the guests can use the BBQ net (Order specific package, one set net and clamp will be free), net barbecue can lock the gravy, make the food more tasty!

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