Dart (Deposit $50) $5
Kite $50
Mahjong (For Whole Day) $200
Food or drinks from outside (Per Stove) $500
Parking (Minimum 2 Hours) $15
Birthday Cake Storage Free

Bouncing Castle Carnival

Total brand new sections of Bouncing Castle for some special days without the "Bouncing Castle Carnival", so there's more fun for kids even there's no "Bouncing Castle Carnival" from now on!!

  Bouncing Castle Carnival
Facility: 7-8 Bouncing Castle﹑Mini Car Racing﹑Game Booths
Date: To be confirmed
Opening Hours: To be confirmed
Charges: To be confirmed

Remarks: 1. A limited number of 80 whole day tickets
2. Each ticket for one single person use only.
3. The height limited is 90cm to 160cm.
4. Each children only one parent accompany allowed.
5. There's cleaning and sterilize time between each sections for Bouncing Castle Carnival, no entre allow in between the cleaning section.
6. The bouncing castle may be suspended due to poor weather conditions.
7. All Rights Reserved.

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